Department Details


The Department of Chemistry of Providence Women’s College was set up in 1958 with Mrs. Radha Balakrishnan as the first Head of the Department.
Vision & Mission
Chemistry is a discipline with unlimited scope. Being an undergraduate department, the aim is to equip and train students to acquire a strong foundation in the subject, thereby preparing them for higher studies.  The mission of the department is to instill in them the Gospel values of life through academic enrichment, value education and individual mentoring. The department also considers it equally important to gear the students to meet the challenges of technology.
The vision of the department is to transform students into highly-motivated and value-oriented citizens who are essentially committed to the betterment of society and also contribute substantially towards building a new India.

Courses Offered

  • B.Sc. Chemistry with Mathematics and Physics as subsidiaries (student strength-36)
  • Certificate Course: Training in Water Quality Assessment (Student strength-30)
  • Open course :Environmental Chemistry (Student Strength-36)


Two well equipped undergraduate laborataries, computer lab, water analysis lab, Chemical storage room, Departmental library and audio visual devices





Dr. Gigy Abraham

Associate Professor& Head

Sr. Asha Thomas

Assistant Professor

Dr. Deepthi Jose

Assistant Professor

Dr Anu Jose

            Guest Lecturer

1. Dr. Gigi Abraham, HOD
Research Interests
Synthesis and characterization of photosensitive polymers and study of their photo stimulated property changes and applications, thermal stability and spectral response of photochromic polymers, Synthesis of PMMA and property studies, problems of fresh water bodies – importance of guarding the quality of fresh water resources, food adulteration

2. Sr. Asha Thomas       
Email Id: 
Research Interests:
Inhibitors for corrosion in mild steel, Water quality assessment of drinking water, synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles. 

3 Dr. Deepthi Jose        

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Research Interests:
Computational studies of 2D sheets, dinuclear complexes of Molybdenum, Weakly bound complexes.

4. Dr. Anu Jose 
Email Id: 
Research Interests:    
Zwitterion chemistry, Organocatalysis – phosphines, amines and nucleophilic carbenes, Asymmetric synthesis, Organometallic catalysis


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