Department Details


The department of Psychology was established in the year 2014 as one of the novel departments of Providence Women’s College offering psychology classes for the degree students. During its initial stages the department operated under the department of Zoology. In the commencing year the department was headed by Mrs. Liji P G along with Mrs. Juby Somanath, Ms. Ambili Asok, Mrs. Divya T, Mrs. Jiji and Ms. Amritha Raj K. Currently the department is efficiently run by Mrs. Liji P G, Ms. Ambili Asok, Mrs. Anju K and Mrs. Juby Somanath.
The department has a well equipped research lab that encourages students to acquire a thorough knowledge about the subject. The department also regularly conducts seminars, workshops, official talks and sessions for the benefit of students and faculty.
The first batch of the department passed out in the year 2017 with impressive scores. One of our students Ms. Priya Parvathi secured full A+ in SGPA.

Courses offered
UG Degree in Psychology
Certificate Course on Life Skills Development
MOTTO:        Fostering a positive mind for a positive life
VISION:         To contribute significantly to the science and practice of psychology and to produce professionals who serve local, national, and global communities.


  • To inspire students to master their minds and disseminate psychological knowledge.
  • To excel in the application of psychological knowledge to address problems that individuals encounter in the course of their lives.
  • To encourage students to be a part of activities that boost their self-confidence and morale.
  • To guide them constantly towards embracing the values of dignity and respect.
  • To maintain a supportive and collaborative learning environment designed to enhance personal and professional growth.


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  • Three students ( Anjali K, Aswathy Rajan, and Priya Parvathy) were part of the teams that won the first prize for drama and margam kali in the B-zone and Interzone arts fest of Calicut University
  • Ms. Priya Parvathi secured full A+ in SGPA, Final Year Results 2017
  • Students from the department took part in a national level psychology fest “PSYESTA” held at Rajagiri Centre for Behavioral Science and Research (RCBSR), Kochi and bagged the fourth position in overall for the competitions among 18 colleges all over India. Aysha Nawreen and Priyanka Prakasan bagged the first prize in Psychokinetics, a synhchronis dance with a cash prize of Rs. 10000 and Liya Anjelin bagged the first prize in anamnesis memory game with a cash prize of 5000. The event was held on Feb 17th 2017.



  • International day of Innocent Victims of Aggression is observed on June 4th every year. The department conducted a discussion on the topic “Why should children be made the victims of elderly aggression?” on June 13th. The purpose was to acknowledge the pain suffered by children who become victims of physical, mental and emotional abuse.
  • June 21st was observed as Yoga Day. In connection with the day, a PowerPoint presentation on different aspects and methods of Yoga were demonstrated to enhance the awareness about yoga benefits among students and teachers and also to let students know about the benefits of regular yoga practice.
  • Social media is capable of generating a drastic impact on our social, mental and physical health. On 9th November 2016, a one day seminar on “Social Media and Mental Health” was organized by  the department of psychology, Providence Women’s College, Calicut and IACP- Malabar Chapter. The event was inaugurated by deputy collector Ms. Shamin Sebastian and Sub Judge R. L Baiju accompanied her. Key speakers from different institutions engaged the various sessions of the seminar. Students from different colleges participated in the seminar. Several competitions like poster presentation and quiz were organized by the department for the participants. Students from our department secured first prize for the quiz. A poster exhibition ‘ORENDA EXPO’ was conducted in the college auditorium on the same day. The posters prepared by participants from other colleges were also included in the expo.
  • On 19th January, Dr. Jilesh, Assistant. Professor of Govt. Arts and Science College, Meenchanda took a class on SPSS- Statistical Package for Social Sciences.
  • On March 3rd a forum was conducted by the department on the topic “Current trends in Psychology” which enlightened our students on the modern trends of psychology. The session was handled by a first year student of the department.
  • On March 6th a talk was arranged by the department on the topic “Scope of Psychology” which proved to be very useful for our students. The talk was formulated by the first year students of the department.


    • On the 6th June 2016, as a part of World Environment Day celebration, all the students of department cleaned the surroundings of the campus.
    • Memory day was observed on July 20th. Various activities and memory games were conducted in connection with the day’s celebration.
    • On July 21st, the department exhibited posters in connection with memory day.
    • As a part of World Heart day that was observed on 29th September 2016, the department conducted a discussion on stress managing tips.
    • On October 1st, students of the department attended a national level multi-disciplinary conference on Recent Clinical Trends in The Management Of Children with Cerebral Palsy, jointly organized by CDMRP- department of psychology, University of Calicut and physio club approved as CRE by Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) New Delhi.
    • The students participated in a three day residential workshop on “Understanding Research Methods and Statistics” for social science students held from 15th to 17th October 2016 at Gov. Youth Hostel, Calicut.
    • On October 29th the department members attended a seminar at Malabar Christian College on the topic “Maanasika Aarogyavum Velluvilikalum”.
    • On 10th November the ‘MERAKI CLUB’ of the department organized an exhibition that included the posters prepared for the ORENDA EXPO.
    • On 18th November, as part of World Kindness Day, students of the department organized a discussion on the factors affecting kindness and care and on the declining nature of kind behavior in the present era.
    • On 22nd November, the department conducted a debate regarding the tolerance of different age groups and different genders. The event was planned as part of International Day of Tolerance.
    • On 29th November, the department celebrated World Hello Day by organizing a session where all the three departmental classes involved in an open discussion on the importance of communication in problem solving and on the psychological effects of using force.
    • On 2nd December as part of observing AIDS day the department organized a talk to raise awareness about HIV and AIDS. The session was carried on by Sumi Manoharan- ICTC counselor GGH, and Litha Arun-STI counselor GGH.
    • On December 5th as part of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, our students attended a seminar on “Current Trends and Challenges in Disability Management”, jointly organized by Department of Psychology, St. Joseph’s College, Devagiri, Calicut and CDMRP, University of Calicut.
    • On 6th and 7th of December, students of the department took part in a Psycho Carnival organized by LISSAH College, Eengapuzha. The Carnival was based on the theme Social Cognition: Psychological Readings on the Present Day Society.
    • On 21st December, in connection with the International Conference On Solution Focused Practices 2016, our students attended a one day pre conference workshop on “Current trends and Challenges in Clinical Assessment And Management of Developmental Disabilities” held at University of Calicut.
    • Our students attended a three day International Conference on Solution Focused Practices 2016 in Behavioral sciences ICSFP 2016, supported by European Brief Therapy Association, held from 22nd to 24th December 2016 at the seminar complex, University of Calicut.


  • On September 7th the students of our department visited Mercy home, Calicut, as part of our Onam celebration and also organized various entertaining programs for the inmates there.
  • On October 22nd as part of observing world food day, the students from our department distributed food for the needy near the bus stops and railway station. The event was conducted confidentially as it was not meant to be an act for publicity.
  • On 3rd November, as part of subject oriented study, we organized an IQ assessment test for students at Karaparambu School and the Intelligence Quotient of the school students was noted down accordingly.
  • As part of the Harithakeralam project, a project initiated by Government of Kerala, the NSS and NCC units of Providence Women’s College organized a cleanliness drive on 9th December. The students of our department cleaned their classrooms and surroundings.
  • On 22nd December, our students celebrated Christmas with the inmates of Snehabhavan, Calicut.
  • On 10th January 2017, college sports day was conducted and the students from our department actively participated in the event. The same day we introduced the concept of “a political party for the rights of transgender”, cutting- board bird feeder” as part of the innovation club exhibition.
  • On Feb 3rd the department arranged meals for cancer patients of Pain and Palliative care unit of Medical College Calicut.

On March 3rd an IQ test was conducted in Athma School by the students of our department