Department Details


PROFILE OF THE DEPT:  The Dept. was established in the year 1957 with Economics and History as the two main subjects.
The department was earlier affiliated to University of Kerala. In 1968 the Department came under University of Calicut.
Both Pre-University and Degree courses were held until 1992
Pre –degree bifurcation in 1992
Total Strength – 180 students in Under Graduate Programme (60 in each class as per the statutory limit)

VISION: The study of History is a quest for the great varieties of human experiences over time. The Importance of History is the importance of understanding oneself .There can be no understanding of the present without proper knowledge of the past. By not knowing the past, it is not possible to know the present or future. History teaches the evolution of humanity.
MISSION: of the department is to provide students with a knowledge of human experience through a comparative study of the past and contemporary societies. The aim is to help students understand the culture of various societies and thus also develop the ability to conduct research, analyse, assess evidence and articulate sound conclusions. The dept. also prepares the students to engage in the most rigorous historical enquiries and debates.




Add-On Course- Women’s Studies


Dr. Priyadarsini.P       M .A. Ph.D             
Dr. Susmitha .R          M .A. Ph.D              
Dr. Laina.P                 M .A. Ph.D               
Lt. Lini E                    M.A                           

Mrs. Bharati Nair
Mrs. Rethi Rajan
Mrs. Wilma John.
Mrs. Devayani C.C.
Mrs .Omana Kuriakose


<p>1.  Published an article on the topic “Beyond the  Margin; Mayilamma’s Struggle towards Solidarity and Justice” in the proceedings  of the Second Annual International Kerala History Conference held in Nov 2014</p>
<p>2.  Edited the Modern Kerala Section of the proceedings of the second International  Kerala History Conference ISBN 978-93-85725-63-0</p>
<p>3. Published  a  paper on ‘Manual Scavenging; A Case Study  of the Night Soil Carriers of Kozhikode’ in the proceedings of  the National Conference for Vice Chancellors  and Principals of the Member Institutions of The All India Association for  Christian Higher Education held at Christ University, Bangalore on 2nd  May,2013. ISBN No.978-93-81208-24-3 <br>
  6. Published an  article on ‘The Presence of Caste in the Social Milieu of Kerala and the  Relevance of the Ideologies of Dr. B.R Ambedkar in the State Today ’  in  the  proceedings of the Third Kerala History Conference  held in 2015 .ISBN -978-93-86094-30-8<br>
  7.Published an article in the Journal of Legal  studies and Research (Vol .2 Issue.5)  on  the topic ‘Socio- Economic Implications and Labour Issues Due to  the Influx of Migrant Labourers to  Kozhikode, ISSN  2455-2437</p>
<p>8. Published an article “An Overview of  Dr. Ambedkar’s  Long Term Strategies and the Question of  Caste in Contemporary Indian Society” in the  proceedings of South Indian Congress held at Pondicherry in 2016 1SSN 2229-3671<strong> </strong><br>
  <strong>Dr.  Susmitha Ramakrishnan</strong><br>
  <strong>1. </strong>Edited  the section on Ancient Kerala in the proceedings of the International  conference on Kerala History, 2014 ISBN 978-93-85725-63-0<br>
  2. ‘Retrieving Social History: A Study of  Women’s status based on the analysis of Vadakkan paatus’ was published in the  proceedings of SIHC in 2013.<br>
  3.‘ Spatial Relationship from the Outer to the  Inner in Rituals and Religious Symbols’ was published in the proceedings  of  SIHC in 2014.<br>
  4.‘ Spatial representation of the rituals of  Goddesses in Kerala’ was published in the proceedings of the Kerala History  Conference in 2015.<br>
  5.‘Feminist analysis of Theyyam myths’ was  published in the proceedings of the Kerala History Conference in 2016.<br>
  6. ‘An Analysis of Bhagavathi Myths’ was published  in the proceedings of the South Indian History Conference in 2016.<strong></strong><br>
  &nbsp;<strong>Dr. Laina.P</strong> </p>
<p>1.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;“The Politics of  Constructive Programme: The Temple Entry Movements in Kerala” in Dr. K.N.  Ganesh (ed.)<em>Excercises in Modern Kerala History</em>, Sahithya Pravarthaka  Co-operative Society Ltd., Kottayam, 2012. ISBN- 978-81-922822-8-2 <br>
  2.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;‘Gandhian Prasthanathile  Sthree Pankaalitham’ (in Malayalam), in&nbsp;<em>Sanghaditha</em>,&nbsp;January  2014, Vol. No. 7, Issue No.1. ISSN-2319-9741 <br>
  3.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;‘The Colonial State and  Gandhian Strategy’ in&nbsp;the <em>Proceedings of the Indian History Congress</em>,  74th&nbsp;Session, Cuttack, 2013. ISSN 2249-1937 <br>
  4.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;‘Democratic  Decentralization in Kerala’s People’s Plan Campaign: An Overview in the Light  of Gandhian Grama Swaraj’ in the&nbsp;<em>Proceeding of the Second Annual  International Kerala History Conference</em>&nbsp;held in November 2014. ISBN  978-93-85725-63-0 <br>
  <em>5.</em>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Member in the Editorial  board of the&nbsp;<em>Proceedings of the Second Annual  International&nbsp;Conference on Kerala History</em> <br>
  &nbsp;<strong>Lt . Lini. E</strong> <br>
  1. Edited  the Section on Gender in the proceedings of the Second Annual International  Kerala History Conference </p>
<p>2.Attended  a one day national seminar on ‘Chettur Sankaran Nair &amp; Liberalism in India’  organized by Zamorin’s Guruvayurappan College  and Chettur Sankaran Nair Foundation on 11.7.15<br>
  3.  Engages classes for the civil service aspirants at the Civil Service Academy,  Kozhikode</p>
<p><strong>MAJOR/MINOR PROJECTS (FACULTY): </strong><br>
    <strong>Priyadarsini.P (2  Projects)</strong></p>
  <li>UGC minor project- Migrant  Labour Influx to Kozhikode –submitted to the UGC in 2016    Sanctioned Amount -Rs 1,35,000</li>
  <li>KCHR  Project on Manual Scavenging in Kozhikode  with Special Reference to the Night Soil Carriers of Kozhikode  (Scheme for designing post doctoral  thesis)-submitted –Rs 50,000</li>
<p>       <strong>Laina.P  </strong><br>
  (UGC Minor project on The Trajectories of Dalit Uprisings in  Post Independent India  <br>
  Rs 60,000)</p>


1. Namratha  Hangel received the university topper award of the university of Calicut(2013 ) with a CGPA of 3.89/4
2. Gayathri T.K . won the Best NSS volunteer Award  instituted by The  University of Calicut ( 2015)
3. Fidha Yasmin and Gayathri T.K were members of the Malayalam Drama Team that bagged the first prize in Inter-zone and B Zone competitions in 2015
4. Fidha Yasmin- First Prize – Malayalam Essay Writing Competition – B Zone (2015)
5.  Fidha Yasmin -Second Prize in the Kerala Region, of  All India Essay  Writing Event Conducted by United Nations Information Centre and  Sri Ram Chandra Mission (2015)
6.   Fidha Yasmin – Second Prize in the M.P Narayan Menon Memorial Essay competition conducted by Calicut University (2015)
7. Anju Suresh attended the National Integration held at Jaisalmer, Rajastan  (2015)
8. Fathimath Zakia K won the second prize in idea presentation competition held at the University of Calicut, under the auspices of the Ministry for information and Technology, Govt. of India (2016)
9. Fathimath Zakia K won the Best NSS volunteer Award instituted by the University of Calicut in (2016)
10. Students of the department are members of softball, handball and basketball teams that won laurels at the national, state and university level competitions every year.
11. Dona Maria Jose, NCC Cadet participated in the RD parade in New Delhi in (2017)



  • Audio –Visual Teaching method which includes screening of films related to historical & contemporary themes.
  • Review of literature./ use of online resources
  • Local History Projects done by all the students
  • Students are actively involved in the project work done by the faculty including surveys and data collection.
  • Map Study  and Interactive discussions
  • Online assignments, Open Book Examinations, Debates, Power Point Presentations



  •  Short term internship done in various courses like applications of computers, cookery, tallying, ornament designing etc.
  •  Students attend Practical Workshops in Archaeology
  • Visit to Gram Sabhas to observe the  functioning of the elected local self –government bodies
  • Visit to tribal hamlets to make anthropological observations about tribal population in Kerala.
  • Study Trips to historical destinations.
  • Conducts Coaching  classes for PSC and UPSC Examinations


  • Visit to old age homes.
  • Social awareness classes against drug abuse, alcoholism, child abuse and  gender issues
  • Donated a library for the kids at the Anganwadi in Malaparamba
  • Electrification of the Anganawadi at Nangaripparmba.
  • Tuitions given to the students of orphanages
  • Distribution of food items at ‘Freebirds’, an orphanage in the locality
  • E Governance classes were given by the students to the women of the neighbourhood
  • Socio-economic survey of Malaparamba was conducted by student volunteers
  • Construction of houses for the needy students
  •  Social Engineering amongst lesser privileged groups of the society



1. Darpan  – The Political Forum                             2. Sanskriti- The Cultural Forum
3. Ayur – The Health Awareness Club                     4. Nattarivu – The Folklore Club
5. Vaiga – The Legal Awareness Club

  •  Exhibitions of historical importance like – Books on football and the History of FIFA,
  •   Original archival documents by The Information And Public Relations Department, Govt of Kerala
  • A Documentary Film Festival by The Information And Public Relations Department, Govt  of Kerala
  • Kalarippayattu demonstration by the Students of ‘Yodha Kalari’ Payyannur
  • Competitions like debate on the Topic ‘My Prime minister-2014,  Nadan Paatu competition,
  •  Inter -departmental Vocal music competition as part of Celebrating the legacy of Latha Mankeshkar,etc.
  • Observing relevant days like International Anti-Drug Abuse and Illicit Human Trafficking Day, International Folk Day etc.
  • Screening and Critical review of the national award film Chemmeen to commemorate its golden jubilee
  • Ninabali, a folk performance that is getting distinct was organized in collaboration with the Folklore Academy, A Govt. of Kerala Undertaking with which the Dept. has an MoU.

ACTIVITIES OF THE ALUMNAE ASSOCIATION:  A good number of our old students attend the Dept. Alumnae meeting every year on 15th Aug.  and maintain a good relationship with the dept. The Dept also inivites a good number of its alumnae as resource persons on various topics.
CAREER GUIDANCE PROGRAMME:  Has an Mo U with ‘Ensign’, Civil Service Academy in Kozhikode
Sri .Sreejith .E , Faculty , Arts and Science College , Meenchanda , delivered a talk on  “Career After Graduating  in History”
Sri Mohammed Arfath, Faculty, Civil Service Academy delivered a talk on “Tips to Crack the Civil Service Examinations “